Smoky Mountains NP – Jakes Creek Trail

We arrived in the Smoky Mountains and got a spot in the Elkmont Campground on a walk up, 1st come, 1st serve basis.  We made camp on a site 50 feet from the Little River.  It was a perfect spot!


We arrived early enough that we decided to go for a short hike.  It started out nice enough leaving the campground at 55 degrees and partly sunny, but it got colder and wetter the more we gained altitude. It turned out to be about a 9 mile hike up 3000 vertical feet in 35 degree weather with a mix of rain and hail.

The great news is we didn’t see anyone on the trail


It was just a peaceful walk.20160505_160821

We passed abandoned cabins.


We passed huge Yellow Poplar trees.


Another great day, wet, cold, but it felt great to be in the mountains.



3 thoughts on “Smoky Mountains NP – Jakes Creek Trail

  1. I thought all the hiking days were supposed to be sunny & warm with a nice breeze and no precipitation till you were tucked into bed, nice “n warm. Looks like you have made a good start. We are happy for you. DAD


  2. I like being able to see your blog – what an adventure you two are on – I’ll say have fun but I know that you are!! Travel safely!!


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