Smoky Mtn NP – Ramsey Cascades

More Falls.  Vickie & I like to visit falls, so we extended out time in the Smokies to visit more falls on the Tennessee side of the park.

Ramsey Cascades

We were planning to drive out van to the trailhead for the Ramsey Cascade trail, but found out that vehicles “no bigger than a pickup truck” were allowed on the gravel road.  We switched to plan ‘B’.  We parked in a small lot at the beginning of the trail, pulled off our bikes and started a 5.5 mile continuous uphill ride just to get to the trailhead.


The trail started as an easy walk and I wide gravel trail.  We heard this one was steep and difficult and for the 1st 1.5 miles it was just a stroll in the woods.

20160508_135121*Boulder creek

The last 2.5 miles lived up to the reputation.  We crossed some small bridges.  We passed massive trees (20 foot diam, 120 ft tall).


20160508_10224220160508_103712We climbed about 2500 vertical feet until we finally reached the falls.  We thought the sight was worth the effort.

Ramsey Cascades

The 4 mile (2500 vertical feet down!)  was much easier and the journey was completed by the 5.5 mile all downhill bike ride, or should I say bike coasting……..

Hen Wallow Falls

We traveled through the town of Cosby to get to the trailhead for Hen Wallow falls.  It was a fairly easy 4.4 mile round trip hike to view the falls.



20160507_131014Next stop, the Cades Cove part of the park.


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