The Beginning

We are putting our careers on hold to pursue the dream of adventure

Vickie and I have traveled to many unique and remote places over our years of marriage to hike, climb, explore, and experience new adventures.  We actually started to keep of list of the places we have been and new places we wanted to explore.  As we vacationed and “checked off” the places on this list, we continued to add more.  In fact, we added so many more that we didn’t see any way that we could even come close to getting them done with only a few weeks of vacation time each year.  We figured that we would need at least a full year off to complete some of the more demanding events.  This is how the dream of taking a HIATUS was born.

Our plan is to travel across North America for the next 12 months to follow this dream.  To prepare we sold our house, sold all of our furniture, and packed our few remaining possessions for storage.  Then, we purchased a sprinter van to be our chariot for the adventure.

Home for the next 12 months

We plan to update this blog as we travel to share our adventures with friends and family.  Please check back from time to time to see where we are and what we are up to.  We hope that anyone who follows this blog will be inspired to dream big and have the confidence to take the steps to make your own dreams reality.

Dream Big!

Sean & Vickie

13 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Sean and Vicki:
    Good luck on your adventures and be safe! Let me know if you come through Chicago.
    Cheryl (Lunn) Gordon


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