Grand Canyon National Park

We arrived at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in 40 degree weather.  It is still cool here even though it is late May.  The daytime temperatures range from 59 for a high to 32 for a low.  We chose the North Rim because we heard the South Rim gets 90% of the visitors.  Vickie and I usually like to hike and explore areas that don’t have too many people.   When we get our 1st glimpse of the canyon it is immense, colossal, enormous……it’s extremely hard to put into words the enormity of it.  It just sort of seems unreal.

Sean Looking at CanyonThe Grand Canyon is a place that pictures just can’t capture the majesty of.  You don’t get the true feel unless you are actually standing there feeling the wind on your face, smelling the high desert air, and seeing the dizzying drops from the canyon rim. We tried to capture the scale of the canyon with a picture Vickie took of me standing on the edge of the rim.  I am the little blue dot on the edge of the rim.

Sean View

Cape Royal SeanWe drove or hiked almost every trail available on the North Rim.  All of them were ‘worth the drive or hike’.  We visited Cape Royal, Imperial Point, Angel’s window to name a few as well as other short trails and vistas.

Imperial Point
Imperial Point
Angels Window
Angel’s Window

We just sat on the rim for ½ hour just staring into the canyon.  Staring at the Grand Canyon makes you feel like you are just a very small part of a very large world.

Feet over the Canyon

We ended up staying at the North Rim for a total of 5 days.  The experience reinforces the decision we made to explore and experience places we have only seen in pictures.  Pictures don’t really capture the true sensation of being there, but they serve as a welcome reminder for those of us who have made the effort to go there.  I can close my eyes and bring back the sight, smell and feel of it.  Hopefully, these pictures can be the motivation for some of you who haven’t been there to decide to make the trip.  It is worth the trip.

Angels Window View Sean

The road less traveled.


2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon National Park

  1. I love reading your post and love the adventure you two are taking. How lucky you are to see the things that are that amazing. Be safe and hope too read more.


  2. What a great hike. Nobody does North Rim(too hard to get to either by car or hiking from South Rim. Anyway, I am impressed at the adventure. Never having been to North Rim, it is interesting that the scenery is similar looking from South Rim. Keep up the good work. j


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