Hot Springs National Park

20160514_114907Hot Springs NP is the smallest of all the national parks.  We arrived in hot springs and secured a spot at an RV park and then road our bikes into town to visit the visitor’s center.  The ranger recommended a hike to Balanced Rock and visit to one of the spas.  We took her advice and road a couple miles uphill to the trailhead to begin the hike.

View from Balanced Rock

At Balanced Rock we met a group of college students from all over the world, the Netherlands, The UK, Brazil, & Botswana.  It is amazing how small the world can be.  From there we coasted downhill and stopped by the oldest saloon in Arkansas, The Ohio club, for a sandwich and a beer. Vickie flirted with a gentlemen outside the saloon.


Vickie and I decided a half a day basking in some natural hot mineral spring pools would be a welcome travel break.   We went to Quapaw bath house for our rejuvenating soak.   It was a relaxing morning, but it was time to get to Oklahoma City to visit family.


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