We arrived in Memphis, Tennessee and decided the 1st thing we needed was some good BBQ.  We stayed the RV Park right next to the Heartbreak Hotel and Graceland.  They recommended Marlowe’s for BBQ, besides they would come and pick us up in a pink Cadillac to bring us to the restaurant.


We had a real character as a server.  His name was Fred Standard and he has worked at Marlowe’s for most of his adult life.  He also has apparently been fired over 24 times, and of course he has been hired back at least one more time.  He has 6 kids of which he introduced us to 3 of them that were currently working there.  The BBQ was excellent, the service was fantastic.

We took a bus downtown to check out Beale Street.  The 1st thing we did was walk down to the river to watch the sunset


Then, we decided to walk town to ‘redneck heaven’, Bass Pro Shops.  Bass Pro Shops is located in a former pyramid shaped stadium, renovated into a 22,000 square foot retail ‘store’.

3199They had ponds stocked with bass, trout, panfish, sturgeon, and more right inside the store.  All of the fish were bigger than the largest ones of each species that have ever caught in the wild.  I felt my manhood was being questioned.  The ponds were so large they had pontoons docked for shoppers to tour.  I inquired if they sold fishing licenses for the pond, but they didn’t see the humor……


20160512_201046Vickie got surrounded by a herd of deer.

20160512_201728On to top of the pyramid was a restaurant.  But to take the elevator up just to visit was $8 each.   I can tell you that this northern redneck wasn’t payin’ $8 just to ride in an elevator!  The store was huge and really nice, but I felt overwhelmed there and couldn’t envision myself buying my next pair of hunting boots there, so we moved on.

20160512_202257We caught a Memphis Trolley back down to Beale Street.  We cruised up and down the strip and had a beer at O’sullivan’s, and dropped by BB Kings.  We listened to some music, but we were tired and caught one of the last buses back to the RV Park and our ‘home’.


Next Stop, Hot Springs, Arkansas.


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